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For Small Businesses

Cashflow Manager forsmall businesses

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Small business accounting software slashes your book keeping time by up to 75%

CashflowManager will save you time, save you money and take away the fear that you have missed something important.

The number one worry of small business owners is bookkeeping. What records should I keep and how should I keep them? Am I making a profit or am I throwing good money after bad? Without proper records you're just guessing and even if you have lots of work, is it making you any money or just running you ragged.

The Benefits of CashflowManager

Spend more time working and less on accounts
Excellent quality records with NO expensive training
Have more control over your finances
Peace of mind if you have a tax audit

Whether you run a small business or work freelance from home, financial control can take too much of your time, time you could spend with customers or relaxing with your family. CashflowManager is dedicated accounting software for small businesses, it required no knowledge of accountancy and is laid out in a simple to understand spreadsheet or column format.

Single entries for payments or receipts generate VAT entries and allocate the money to the right place. At the end of the month it ie easy to see what you have charged, what you have spent and how much you have earned.

Your accountants will love CashflowManager because you'll give them clear records at the end of the year - and in return they should give you smaller bills.

Everybody wins with CashflowManager